Makers 2.0 - The Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for the most frequently asked questions, and if you have any of your own, please submit a contact form by clicking here


Parking is available at the Southern Regional High School School (714 North Main St [Route 9], Manahawkin).  Two big yellow school busses will be making loops to shuttle festival goers to & from the festival grounds, starting at 10a.  The last shuttle to the park will be at 530p and the last shuttle from the park to SRHS will be at 6p.  More details are available here.  Please be patient & safe while traveling!


Manahawkin Lake Park is handicap accessible & many of our vendors are situated right along the paved pathways.  A limited number of handicap parking spots will be open at the park on a first come, first serve basis.  There is also a handicap accessible bathroom onsite for convenience. 


Your leashed four-legged friends are welcome at the park.  


Some vendors will be accepting credit cards, but not all.  There are ATMs located within walking distance of festival grounds at surrounding businesses.


Please do!  We will have picnic tables & hay bales situated throughout the park, but being prepared is a good idea! Open space is on a first come, first serve basis - please understand if there is not an available stretch of grass when you arrive.  


In the United States alone, over 30 million tons of plastics are used a year and only 8% is recylced - meaning that 92% ends up in oceans, rivers & landfills. We're doing our part to reduce this number by partnering with Alliance for a Living Ocean (who is setting up Water Filling Stations that dispense fresh, cold water to fill up your reusable bottles) and giving away Makers totes to the first 150 people who shop at The MakeShift PopUp.  Klean Kanteens & Makers totes will also be available for sale onsite.


Please visit the Handmade Vendor, Food Vendor & Band Lineup pages for all this information!


Young yogis are more than welcome!  Please register here, and BYOM (bring your own mat).


Submissions for this year are closed.  Please look for opportunities come November 2016.

Meet the Makers: Tiffany Ruocco, Sorella Scents

Tiffany Ruocco is a Certified Aromatherapist who shares her knowledge through the creation of hand-crafted, vegan aromatherapy products for everyday use.

  • What is one thing you would like the public to know about your business?

I am a Certified Aromatherapist trained in blending and using essential oils for healing purposes. My business is vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade and organic. 

  • Where do you see yourself & your craft 5 years from now? 

I am hoping to continue to expand upon the list of stockists that already carry our products. 

  • Is your business a hobby, full-time work, or both?

Sort of both! I am a full-time Graphic Design Professor at a local college. 

  • What would your advice be to others looking to start something similar?

Be passionate! Without passion, hard work becomes just that. I do not see what I do for a living (with my business and with my teaching) as work because I love what I do.

  • What is your favorite part about working in the creative field?

I have found the handmade market to be filled with wonderful, positive people. It has been a joy to meet these makers and my customers at markets. 

  • What do you think the most common misconception is about your craft?

That it isn't made by my own hand. The most common question I get at markets is "you make all of this?" When I inform people that I even designed the entire identity system and packaging, they are shocked!

  • What inspires your work?

As an artist, I am naturally a creative person. More specifically with what I make, I have found so much success with healing with essential oils when modern medicine has failed me. I wanted to share that with others. 

  • Why did you choose to participate in The Makers Festival?

I heard about the festival too late [in 2015] to apply. I was intrigued by the fact that it was a festival by all handmade products. 

  • What motivates you in the face of adversity?

Being true to myself and what I believe and stand for. I take pride in the quality of my work and the creativity of my ideas so I trust that even naysayers will see the difference in the end. 

  • If you could choose any superpower, what would it be and why?

As a thyroid cancer survivor, I would choose a power that eradicates cancer from our vocabulary. 

Meet the Makers: Greg Molyneux, Greg Molyneux Photography

Greg Molyneux is a photographer living in coastal New Jersey who takes full advantage of his beautiful surroundings - his portfolio features landscape and macro photography featuring plenty of sunsets and the best of the LBI Region's coast and marshlands.



  • What is one thing you would like the public to know about your business?

I’m very new to the whole business aspect of this venture, so really I’d just want the people to know that I’ve recently launched my online SmugMug shop. It’s currently a work in progress, and I still plan on servicing requests for custom framed pieces, but the online shop is the place to go for quick and easy ordering, printing, and shipping of my work.

  • Where do you see yourself and your craft 5 years from now?

Obviously I want to continue to learn, grow, and improve in as many aspects of photography as possible; continually honing my workflow, strengthening my portfolio, and better representing the underrepresented beauty of New Jersey—with a particular focus on coastal and southern areas. Beyond that, I’d love to experiment with shooting film, creating video and time lapse productions, and becoming an evangelist of sorts for all this wonderful nature surrounding my home town of Manahawkin and the broader LBI region. In a perfect world I could merge my skill of public speaking with my passion for photography in a union that would bring knowledge, connection, and learning to any audience willing to listen.

  • Is your business a hobby, full-time work, or both?

Considering I’m now selling work it’s going to be tough to make my case as this being just a hobby, though that’s still how I parse it out in my own head. I work full time in a fulfilling career that is wholly separate from my photography. I think of my time behind the lens as a detachment from the day-to-day world that can even in the best of professions mire us all. While I’d love to someday have the good problem of making photographs as a singular profession, I don’t want this hobby to ever feel like work. I’d regret any attempt to monetize if the joy was stripped away at the hands of aggressive, business-type demands that can erode the creative process. But that wouldn’t exactly be a #FirstWorldProblem I’d cry too much about.

  • What would your advice be to others looking to start something similar?

Shoot. Shoot. And shoot some more. Did I forget to say go shoot? Oh, and don’t worry too much about your gear. Starting out as a complete neophyte photographer in 2012 with zero expectations and little to no camera experience, I participated in a photo a day project that saw me end the year with over 25,000 photographs taken on a used, first generation Canon Digital Rebel—they didn’t even have model numbers back then. Throughout the process I had heard all about how you need to get through your first 10,000 pictures. That these would be your worst, and that this kind of spray and pray method to photography was essential for gaining the skill for making good photographs. In my case, it was true. By the middle of 2012, things started to click, and here are there I began creating images that actually looked like they were made by someone who almost had a clue. It was a good, albeit unexpected development and I haven’t looked back.

So get out there. Do it every day. Photograph everything. Experiment with the different manual settings to see how these choices affect your final image. Celebrate your victories, learn from your losses, and reward yourself for hitting your goals—even if it’s committing to take a picture a day for a month. Most important: have fun. As soon as it feels like a chore it’s over. Oh, and if you think you want to be a landscape photographer do invest in a sturdy tripod—that’s one bit of gear you should prioritize.

  • What is your favorite part about working in the creative field?

Stress relief and bringing joy to others. It’s equal parts humbling and empowering to watch someone react positively to something you had a hand in creating. It makes all the ups and downs, all the effort, all the focus, and all those times you just want to throw in the towel worth it. It’s a gift to open up to others such that they too can share an experience.

  • What do you think the most common misconception is about your craft?

The belief that gear is everything. Now I’m not saying equipment doesn’t matter, or won’t bring some improvement to your photographs, but it’s not the panacea for great pictures, either. The greatest camera and lens combo in the world will not magically conjure great lighting conditions, or manifest interesting foreground to compose your frames for you. And considering these powerhouse devices we’ve got kicking around in our pockets, a great photograph is only a click away from your mobile device. I’m continually impressed with the photographs I can make right on my iPhone. So do yourself a favor: don’t let costly gear be a barrier to entry. The drain on your wallet can always come later.

  • What inspires your work?

A combination of wanting to show off our area for all its worth, and a competitive drive to be the very best I can be. When I see the magnificent work of others and the hair on the back of my neck stands up, I think to myself, that’s how I hope people respond to my work someday. That’s what drives me.

  • Why did you choose to participate in The Makers Festival?

First of all I love every single thing your organization is doing. Every. Single. Thing. Highlighting the undercurrent of local talent that has largely flown under the radar in a region that’s not exactly known for a happening art scene. It’s better yet that this is an organization run by women. I’m all about doing stuff outside the norm that breaks free of the tropes, perils, and frankly boredom of patriarchal paradigms. I can’t say enough how great it is to be part of something new and different. I’m honored and surprised to be selected among such a talented crew of artists, creators, and makers. You’re creating opportunity where there was none, and working to put the LBI region on the map for more than just its sunny beaches and seasonal watering holes.

  • What motivates you in the face of adversity?

I’d like to sit here and mash out words to suggest this is an area of strength and experience. Truthfully adversity and I have a mixed record, but I’m working hard to appreciate the necessary relationship with adversity, failure, and struggle recognizing they are key ingredients to any learning process. The most important takeaway? Sometimes the stress and discomfort will open new doors that were otherwise unseen. My own relationship with photography was born of such struggle.

  • If you could choose any superpower, what would it be and why?

Time travel. As a lover of history I’d be endlessly educated if I could travel to key places and points of time. If only to simply observe what actually happened. I wouldn’t want to change things and create some kind of paradox in the spacetime continuum, I’d just want to sit and observe first hand as a time traveling fly on the wall, able to better assess events as they actually happened such that I could measure them against narratives that have become for better or for worse ingrained in conventional wisdom.


Biergarten News: Ship Bottom Brewery to join Makers 2.0!

We are excited to announce that Ship Bottom Brewery will be joining our Biergarten in September along with Makers Fest local brewery alumni Pinelands and Tuckahoe

Described as a small-batch, nano brewery, Ship Bottom boasts an impressive array of year-round, seasonal and reserve brews including their Chicken or the Egg – Killer Bee Sting IPA which was a major hit at The Hop Sauce Festival last year, completely selling out on site. Are you dying to experience all this goodness in person? Soon enough you'll be able to! Ship Bottom Brewery will be making a home for themselves in Beach Haven come Spring. 

These local breweries really add a tasty, high-quality, thirst-quenching element to our community event and we're proud to have them!

Meet the Makers: Carley Hussain, Parcel Island

Parcel Island Stationary & Design Boutique aims to bring your visions to print! We are a custom design and stationery studio, with a focus on wedding stationery. Our goal is to make your visions come to life using our advance skill set and love for craft.

Growing up and living a carefree and artistic lifestyle near the ocean has given me so much inspiration over the years. I apply my style and all I've learned over the years into each and every design. Here's to you, living my lifestyle through my designs.

  • What is one thing you would like the public to know about your business?

The goal of Parcel Island is to provide clean and beautiful designs and stationery for any occasion. We specialize in custom stationery, unique home décor and wedding/event invitations

  • Where do you see yourself & your craft 5 years from now?

I hope in the future to open my own store front; to have all my printed designs and items available with ease. In my store, not only will I have the retail side, but I would have available consultations and meeting to discuss custom stationery and design

  • Is your business a hobby, full-time work, or both?

It’s a mix of both! There are some months where I have 10 order a day, and some where I have 1 or 2. The goal is to have Parcel Island be my 100% full time career.

  • What would your advice be to others looking to start something similar?

Know your content and be passionate in it. If you like design, and think your work will be easy to sell, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. You should

  • What is your favorite part about working in the creative field?

My current full time job is in a corporate environment; so designing for Parcel Island allows me to truly express my creativity that others will love. There’s no judging or critiquing in the stationery field, only customers and other artists who truly appreciate and love the craft behind your work

  • Why did you choose to participate in The Makers Festival?

Participating in The Makers Festival would be the first craft fair I would be attending! This is a huge milestone for me, and nothing would be more perfect than to participate in a event so close to home. As a local of the LBI / Manahawkin / Barnegat area, of course I would love to support local and shop small!

  • If you could choose any superpower, what would it be and why?

To Fly! To be free in the sky with no restraints, and to travel with ease! 

The Holiday Gift Guide

As promised, here is our Holiday Gift Guide! Inside these pages, you will find over fifty creatives who have invested in themselves & in the vision of the 2nd Annual Makers Festival. High-quality, custom & one-of-a-kind are the standard for these talented folks - just looking through their portfolios makes us search out more reasons to give!

And as we are sure you know, this weekend claims the title of the busiest shopping weekend of the year! Take a visit to our Facebook page for a few suggestions of artist driven events to enjoy in the LBI Region, including those offered by Makers Sponsors Ann Coen Photography, LBIF, Jetty, Modern Boutique & SeaWall ARTifacts. There are countless opportunities to support your small business community year round, so make a conscious decision to take a break from the big guys on occasion - we promise it feels really good.

Click Here to Download the Makers Holiday Guide (PDF, 16.5MB)

If you would like to export a print-ready pdf, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click HERE
  2. When the page has loaded, click "File" in the toolbar, then "Export as PDF."
  3. Choose the preferred location to save the file (we suggest your desktop for easy access), then click "Save."
  4. The Holiday Gift Guide is all yours!

Thank you for shopping small & local!


Why is there an application fee?

The $10 application fee is to cover the cost of the time spent by the Hosts and Creative Team in assessing each and every application. The purpose of having vendors apply is to ensure that those interested are serious inquiries, which allows the Hosts and Creative Team to weed out the “resale” vendors who don’t fit the guidelines. In addition to the vendor fees, the application fees are collected to subsidize the festival costs.

What does my vendor fee and/or sponsorship money cover?

Vendor fees & sponsorship monies cover the costs incurred by the Hosts of The Makers Festival include but are not limited to: stage set-up, and sound engineering, Public Works fees, tents, table and chair rentals, band commissions, insurance, Alcoholic & Beverage permit, decor, bathroom rental, event permit, beer expense, website, marketing/advertising, and merchandise.

Why don’t you accept all applicants?

One of the goals of The Makers Festival is to maintain a consistent, high quality aesthetic that continues to evolve and remain relevant as the event grows. Oftentimes, similar events can become stagnant. It’s important that the vendors chosen represent an array of creative talents, performed through a multitude of mediums. If there are too many vendors in each category (i.e. beaded jewelry, fiber arts, bath and body, etc) the field will become saturated, which results in less success for everyone. It’s also important that The Makers Festival represents creatives of unique and considerable talent in order to maintain a high caliber aesthetic all around.

Can two different vendors share a space?

Absolutely! Each vendor needs to submit an application and be accepted in order to split the 10x10 space.

Why are mobile shop and food truck vendor fees higher?

They take up more space! The $150 vendor fee for non-mobile vendors covers the cost of a 10x10 space, one table, and two chairs. The mobile-vendors need more space, and often electricity.

What is the definition of “handmade?"

The Makeshift Union and Creative Team define “handmade” as a body of work consisting of items in which demonstrate a craft or crafts requiring skill and creativity. The concept of “handmade” can elicit a multitude of definitions and is at times subjective.  A prospective vendor’s entire body of work is assessed based on the definition above.  

When evaluating an application, these are some general parameters that guide the decision making process:         

  • Use and quantity of raw materials versus use and quantity of pre-fabricated materials.
  • Quality and demonstration of skill in execution.
  • A uniqueness that differentiates your body of work from others of a similar medium.
  • A collection that may vary from one medium to the next, but retains a high level of quality and cohesiveness throughout.

I don’t have a website, how do I apply?

The Hosts and Creative Team will request photos representing your body of work once you submit an application to vend. Please submit 3-5 high quality images that highlight your work and skill. Keep in mind that a final decision is based on photographic representation.

Have a question you don't see the answer to here? Use the contact form and ask away!



The Application Process

Hello and welcome to our celebration of all things handmade!  If you are interested in vending at The Makers Festival on September 17th, 2016, we urge you to read the following guidelines and instructions prior to applying. 

The Makers Festival is a juried event. This means that every applicant, regardless of previous involvement, will need to submit an "Application to Vend" in order for consideration of participation.

Guidelines for applicants:

- Vendors must be handmade, vintage, or representative of a collective of handmade wares.

- If you are requesting to share a vendor spot, ALL prospective participants must fill out an application prior to approval.

- Every application is submitted to the panel of hosts and the creative team for approval. 

- Applicants will be notified of acceptance/denial within one week of receipt of application.

- Approval/disapproval of application one year does not guarantee approval/disapproval every year. Applicants are encouraged to apply even if they are not accepted every year. It is important to keep The Makers Festival fresh and evolving from year to year. 

Instructions for applicants

1. Be sure to read the "vendor information" page, familiarize yourself with vendor fees and what is provided to you day of.

2. Fill out the "application to vend" (Open Call - November 10). Applications will not be received by the hosts until checkout is complete. 

3. Check your email for acceptance/denial of application and if accepted, follow the provided link to pay vendor fees.

4. Your spot is not confirmed until all vendor fees have been paid in full.  

We sincerely thank you for your interest in The Makers Festival. 




Makers 2.0

When we decided to hold Makers Fest in November of 2014, we had all of our hopes & dreams caught up in Beach View Farms - this quaint working farm in Manahawkin had it all. On September 19, 2015 our vision was brought to life in a flurry of Makers, Movers & Shakers, reinforcing tenfold the mission behind the festival.  In the happy aftermath, we immediately set our sights on Year Two.

The weeks since have been full of triumphs, positive progressions & a loss that will not soon be forgotten. Although The Makers Festival will not return to its birthplace, we are elated to announce that Manahawkin Lake Park will be transformed into a homegrown paradise, full of all the energy you experienced at our first annual event!

Nestled in the heart of Stafford Township right on Manahawkin Lake, this lush space will allow for The Makers Fest to create the landscape of our imaginations. With nearly double the square footage to work with, the Hosts & Creative Team are already conspiring for new attractions. We are overwhelmed with anticipation for Makers 2.0 and can not wait to celebrate our local artisans on September 17, 2016!

An Adieu to Beach View

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.31.51 PM.png

We learned on October 13, 2015 that Beach View Farms is closing indefinitely. This is a heartache for not only The Makers Festival, but also the Lbi Region as the farm offered so much to countless families & the community throughout the entire year. 

Not surprisingly, we have received quite a few questions regarding the future of Makers. Planning is already underway for 2016, which we promise to deliver with as much energy & passion as the first year's event. Farmer Chris & Beach View Farms were integral to our initial success & will be the high standard by which we choose our new location. If we’re lucky, Chris will invite us on his new adventures & we will gladly continue along the journey with him.

Please stay connected to our website & social feeds for updates as to the festival's new locale, vendor registration & sponsorships.

Thank you.

It's been 48 hours since we watched the farm empty of its temporary inhabitants. We have spent every minute since reveling in what happened and are still unsure of whether or not it was real. 72 high quality art/vintage vendors, 10 tasty brews, 8 talented musicians, 6 delicious food options, yoga, hammocks, tie dying, pottery throwing, farm tours and so much more shared by over 3k people in a span of 8 hours. We could never have imagined that our first year could be so amazing! We will readily admit that there were a few kinks (parking/shuttle) and we promise to have these worked out for next year! Overall, the response from our vendors & the community has been overwhelmingly positive, and we truly can not thank you enough for sharing in this experience with us! Thank you to Beach View Farms for being such gracious hosts; to our Creative Team (Swing Graphics, The Wandering GypseaBunkerfish) for helping to bring our vision to life; our Makers & Musicians for trusting us to bring it to life; to Stafford Township for letting us bring it to life; to Southern Regional School District for the use of their parking lots; to Ann Coen, Kristin RysersonDiana Van Horn & Kyle Gronostajski for the gorgeous photos; to The SandPaper & Bay Magazine media coverage; to our volunteers for their valuable time & efforts; to Rustic Drift for the Biergarten; to Shore Point Distributing Company, Inc.,Tuckahoe Brewing Co. & Pinelands Brewing Co. for the beer; Suburban Camping Company for the OrangeStar Tent, to our sponsors (The Law Office of William Wright LLCOcean Acupuncture & Herbal MedicineSouthern Ocean County Chamber of CommerceJettyButerick BulkheadingRobert Errico Building Contractor Inc.Pangaea Naturals, LLC,  Modern Boutique & Seawall ARTifacts); to Chris Errico of Strange Flora Surfboards for shaping custom Titanium Sponsor surfboards; to Mud City Crab House / The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House for donating the Mud Shuttle; to Alliance for a Living Ocean for keeping everyone hydrated; to our very patient families & significant others for still loving us after 10 months of planning; and to every single person who stepped through the gates at 178 Beachview Avenue. We couldn't have done any of it without you!

Please stay connected to our website & social feeds for more pictures, updates & 2016 event info!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Erin, Jeannine & Dani

We are pleased to present... The 2015 Makers Festival Event Map!

Designed by Swing Graphics

Designed by Swing Graphics

A huge thank you to creative team member Dawn Simon of Swing Graphics for working tirelessly to put this event map together for us, for the vendors and for our guests. We won't go into detail about how many times we changed things around but we will say she handled our modifications with a great sense of humor and the utmost professionalism. 

Q & A - The Frequently Asked Questions

As The Makers Fest is a first year event, there are plenty of questions being posed by potential festival goers!  We're extremely excited to bring art, vintage, food, music, beer & activities to Beach View Farms, and hope that you are excited as we are to grow & learn together.

Please read below for the most frequently asked questions, and if you have any of your own, please submit a contact form by clicking here


Parking is available at the Southern Regional Middle School (75 Cedar Bridge Road, Manahawkin).  The Mud City Mud Bus and a Jitney will be making loops at 15 minute intervals to shuttle festival goers to & from the festival grounds.  More details are available here.  Please be patient & safe while traveling!


Beach View Farms is a working farm without any paved areas.  The dirt roads are quite flat, but do have some wear & tear from farming activity.  Handicap parking is not available on the  farm, however the Jitney shuttle is handicap accessible and will be making loops from Southern Regional Middle School at 75 Cedar Bridge Road to Festival Grounds.  There is also a handicap accessible bathroom onsite for convenience. 


We are unable to accommodate your fur babies at this time.  Service dogs are the only exception, and will need to display the proper documentation.


Some vendors will be accepting credit cards, but not all.  We will have an ATM onsite - it will include a surcharge (set in place by service provider). 


Please do!  We will have picnic tables & hay bales situated throughout the farm, but being prepared is a good idea! Open space is on a first come, first serve basis - please understand if there is not an available stretch of grass when you arrive.  


Not on September 19th, but starting in October the Beach View Farms will be hosting its annual Fall Festival which features hay rides, pumpkin picking, fall decorations, kids activities and fall produce.  Get more information here. There will also be walking Farm Tours led by the Farmer himself at 11a, 2p & 4p.  Sign up here.


Per our license from the State of New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control: "Alcohol must be consumed in confined area." We will revisit this permit for next year, but on September 19 2015 all beers will be enjoyed in the Rustic Drift Biergarten.


Please visit the Handmade Vendor, Food VendorBand Lineup & Activities pages for all this information!


Young yogis are more than welcome!  Please register here, and BYOM (bring your own mat).


Submissions for this year are closed.  Please look for opportunities come November 2015.

Vendors, Food, Beer, + Activities galore!


Shopping, eating, drinking, and dancing are all given considering our fantastic lineup this year - however, we will also be offering activities if you want more of a "hands-on" experience on September 19th. Check out the itinerary below and be sure to take part in some of the offerings of the day!

  • Yoga 

The Makers Festival is proud to introduce Crystal Dawn Froberg who will be gracing us with her yoga practice on September 19th. Keep an eye out for our "Yoga Tent" which will feature  yoga classes free of charge featuring live acoustic music byNicotine and Brown. There will be an 11am class and 3pm class, both 1/2 hour each. We recommend that you preregister for each class as space is limited. Complete the form below to register for either the am or pm class. Please be sure to notify the organizers if you cannot make the session and will be freeing up your spot.  

Name *
  • Face Painting


The Makers Festival is excited to feature a local artist, Sara Cannavo who will be demonstrating her skills on faces! Sara will be charging $5 per face paint, and generously donating a portion of her proceeds to the two beneficiaries associated with The Makers Festival: The Jetty Rock Foundation and a Southern Regional Scholarship Fund. 

  • Photo Ops

What better way to share the beauty of Beachview Farms and the fun you'll be having through some photo op areas brought to you by the Creative Team. Each creative team member will be bringing their flair to an area of the farm where guests are invited to take as many pictures as their hearts desire. Be on the lookout for the #makersfest signs for the best opportunity for some beautiful photos.


  • Guided Farm Tours

A lot of people may or may not realize that the Makers Festival is being held on a working organic farm. Want to get to know your neighborhood farm and farmer a bit more? There will be 3 guided tours of the farm during the day, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM. Feel free to sign up below, or just meet the farmer at the "Guided Tours Start Here" sign!

Name *
  • Tie Dying

It's a Make Your Own kinda day at the Jetty Tents!  This classic summer activity has been included for festival goers who would like to bring a little more color into their lives.   $20 covers a Jetty t-shirt & all necessary materials.

  • Complimentary Screenings

Dr. Edward Barbari will be on site offering complimentary spinal screenings to all Makers Fest Attendees interested. Check him out near the Yoga Tent

"  Our wellness screenings are tailored specifically to detect these areas in your spine, determine their effect on your health and life, and develop a plan to correct them in order to allow your body to start healing!" -Dr. Barbari

The Music

As of today, we are exactly two months away from The Makers Fest, and felt there was no better time to release the lineup of original musicians who will be gracing us with their presence & talents on September 19th.  Hailing from Puerto Rico to New York, each of these acts brings something entirely its own to the stage.  

For more information & links to the sounds of these awesome creatives, visit our Music page.

Parking! Parking!

Park + Ride

One of the biggest hurdles while planning The Makers Festival was the parking situation.  Beach View Farms is located in a residential neighborhood, and parking along Beach View Avenue is understandably prohibited.  


The Magaziner Family (owners of two local restaurants: Old Causeway  and  Mud City Crab House) have generously offered up their newly acquired "Mud Shuttle" to transport Makers Festival attendees from the Southern Regional Middle School parking lot directly to the Beach View Farms entrance, which is a 1.8 mile ride (or walk if you choose!).


How it works


Festival goers are encouraged to drive directly to Southern Regional Middle school and follow posted signs for parking.  There will be a "Bus Stop" area where attendees can wait for the Mud Shuttle. The shuttle will run every 10-15 minutes directly from SRMS to the Farm, which is a less than 5 minute ride.  As always, walking or biking is welcome and bike racks will be provided for those riding. 

Southern Regional Middle School has also pitched in to our event by offering up a parking solution. We are happy to give back to Southern by donating a portion of the proceeds from the Rustic Drift Biergarten to a college scholarship fund dedicated to a deserving art student.  Directions to SRMS are below.


Should you have any questions regarding parking before the event, feel free to email organizers at There will be volunteers stationed along the route to guide you and answer any questions you may have regarding parking as well. 

If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Last week Makers Hosts School of Vintage & Volatile Media Management took a stroll through Beach View with Farmer Extraordinaire Chris Adams.  There have been so many changes to the space since our last visit (including clearing a field for weddings!), and we are extremely fortunate to have this beautiful landscape as our canvas.  

Thank you to Tony Coon of Darn Swell Media for working his magic!

Apply To Vend ~ Purchase A Sponsorship

Proceeds from Vendor Fees, Sponsorships & the Biergarten benefit the Jetty Rock Foundation & a Southern Regional High School Arts Scholarship