The Surfboard Maker - Strange Flora Surfboards


Strange Flora Surfboards is a one-man operation headed by surfing enthusiast Chris Errico in Tuckerton, NJ.  He designs, shapes and glasses the boards out of his home-based workshop which includes both a shaping and glassing studio (constructed by hand, of course). The boards are adorned with Chris’ own Strange Flora graphics and have been made in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs throughout the years.  Being a restless sort of soul with an aggressive form of perfectionism, Chris has tirelessly experimented with different shaping methods and various epoxy and resin formulas to continuously improve upon his art.  For fifteen years he has worked as a skilled carpenter and it really shows, not only with the boards themselves, but with his handmade wooden fins as well.  To learn more about the weird and wonderful world of Strange Flora Surfboards, visit Chris’ blog at

Chris will generously be providing the handmade surfboard that will be given to the Titanium sponsor, complete with the sponsor's logo.