Rustic Drift Biergarten

We officially announced the Rustic Drift Biergarten on January 2nd with an extremely awkward yet simultaneously amazing video that features the girls of School of Vintage debating about wienerschnitzel & hot dogs.  This blog acts as the adult version of that post, however is in no way a retraction of the previously stated amazingness.

So, without further adieu...

The Original, Unlike Any Other Rustic Drift Biergarten will be revealed during The Makers Festival at Beach View Farms

If you aren’t familiar with Rustic Drift, it is the creative brainchild of husband/wife team Joel & Megan Dramis.  As a boutique rental company that boasts upcycled, vintage & custom pieces for big events, Rustic Drift was the perfect fit for The Makers Festival. After discussion over snacks & craft beer, it was decided unanimously that their authentic German Biergarten tables would be showcased with a custom made tap wall during our inaugural event.

And if you absolutely can't wait until Makers Fest to get in on the Rustic Drift loving, visit their Instagram page for beautiful imagery.  Better yet, if you're getting married & need that special touch, the Dramis' have it.  Hint, hint.