Why is there an application fee?

The $10 application fee is to cover the cost of the time spent by the Hosts and Creative Team in assessing each and every application. The purpose of having vendors apply is to ensure that those interested are serious inquiries, which allows the Hosts and Creative Team to weed out the “resale” vendors who don’t fit the guidelines. In addition to the vendor fees, the application fees are collected to subsidize the festival costs.

What does my vendor fee and/or sponsorship money cover?

Vendor fees & sponsorship monies cover the costs incurred by the Hosts of The Makers Festival include but are not limited to: stage set-up, and sound engineering, Public Works fees, tents, table and chair rentals, band commissions, insurance, Alcoholic & Beverage permit, decor, bathroom rental, event permit, beer expense, website, marketing/advertising, and merchandise.

Why don’t you accept all applicants?

One of the goals of The Makers Festival is to maintain a consistent, high quality aesthetic that continues to evolve and remain relevant as the event grows. Oftentimes, similar events can become stagnant. It’s important that the vendors chosen represent an array of creative talents, performed through a multitude of mediums. If there are too many vendors in each category (i.e. beaded jewelry, fiber arts, bath and body, etc) the field will become saturated, which results in less success for everyone. It’s also important that The Makers Festival represents creatives of unique and considerable talent in order to maintain a high caliber aesthetic all around.

Can two different vendors share a space?

Absolutely! Each vendor needs to submit an application and be accepted in order to split the 10x10 space.

Why are mobile shop and food truck vendor fees higher?

They take up more space! The $150 vendor fee for non-mobile vendors covers the cost of a 10x10 space, one table, and two chairs. The mobile-vendors need more space, and often electricity.

What is the definition of “handmade?"

The Makeshift Union and Creative Team define “handmade” as a body of work consisting of items in which demonstrate a craft or crafts requiring skill and creativity. The concept of “handmade” can elicit a multitude of definitions and is at times subjective.  A prospective vendor’s entire body of work is assessed based on the definition above.  

When evaluating an application, these are some general parameters that guide the decision making process:         

  • Use and quantity of raw materials versus use and quantity of pre-fabricated materials.
  • Quality and demonstration of skill in execution.
  • A uniqueness that differentiates your body of work from others of a similar medium.
  • A collection that may vary from one medium to the next, but retains a high level of quality and cohesiveness throughout.

I don’t have a website, how do I apply?

The Hosts and Creative Team will request photos representing your body of work once you submit an application to vend. Please submit 3-5 high quality images that highlight your work and skill. Keep in mind that a final decision is based on photographic representation.

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