The Holiday Gift Guide

As promised, here is our Holiday Gift Guide! Inside these pages, you will find over fifty creatives who have invested in themselves & in the vision of the 2nd Annual Makers Festival. High-quality, custom & one-of-a-kind are the standard for these talented folks - just looking through their portfolios makes us search out more reasons to give!

And as we are sure you know, this weekend claims the title of the busiest shopping weekend of the year! Take a visit to our Facebook page for a few suggestions of artist driven events to enjoy in the LBI Region, including those offered by Makers Sponsors Ann Coen Photography, LBIF, Jetty, Modern Boutique & SeaWall ARTifacts. There are countless opportunities to support your small business community year round, so make a conscious decision to take a break from the big guys on occasion - we promise it feels really good.

Click Here to Download the Makers Holiday Guide (PDF, 16.5MB)

If you would like to export a print-ready pdf, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click HERE
  2. When the page has loaded, click "File" in the toolbar, then "Export as PDF."
  3. Choose the preferred location to save the file (we suggest your desktop for easy access), then click "Save."
  4. The Holiday Gift Guide is all yours!

Thank you for shopping small & local!