Food Vendor - The Schwee Tea Co.

We are super excited to announce that the Schwee Tea Co. has officially joined the Maker’s Festival lineup as a food vendor!

Schwee Tea started as a twinkle in founder Robyn Pallotta’s eye many moons ago and became a successful reality with its grand opening at the Manahawkin Mart in 2013. If you’re from the area, chances are you’re familiar with the all-organic and made-to-order Schwee Tea menu which offers juice, smoothies, food and the famous Schwee (sweetened) and Un-Schwee (unsweetened) teas that are brewed and bottled right on site.

There are countless regulars that call the small and cozy Schwee Tea atmosphere home every day who religiously order their usual but will also argue that they love other items on the menu just the same. And if you happen to be extra friendly to the staff (in a non-creepy kind of way, except for Adele who likes it extra creepy) and maybe throw in an extra buck or two for the tip, they might make you privy to some variations on the menu not known to everyone. This secret menu isn’t necessary since everything is delicious as-is, but just think how fun and exciting it is to order a J9 Special or even a Princess Burger. Mmmmmmm… mouth’s watering just thinking about all the possibilities!

For the Maker’s Festival, Schwee Tea will be gracing the event with some fan favorites:  Schweet Potato Wraps, Quinoa Phoenix Salad (gluten free) and their famous Schwee Tea. All of which are a perfect complement to the festival location at Beach View Farms where a lot of their locally sourced ingredients are harvested!

Post written by School of Vintage