Applications for the 6th Annual Makers Festival will open in January 2020.

The Guidelines

Hello and welcome to our celebrations of all things handmade!  If you are interested in vending at a MakeShift Event, we urge you to read the following guidelines and instructions prior to applying. 

All of our events are juried. This means that every applicant, regardless of previous involvement, will need to submit an "Application to Vend" in order for consideration of participation.


- Vendors must be handmade, vintage, or representative of a collective of handmade wares. Click here for our definition of handmade.

- If you are requesting to share a vendor spot, each prospective participant must fill out an application prior to approval. Please note a 10x10 is limited to two artisans max.

- Every application is submitted to the panel of hosts and the creative team for approval. 

- Applicants will be notified of acceptance/denial within 3-4 weeks of receipt of application.

- Trademarked items are prohibited to be sold at MakeShift Events. Trademarked items include trademarked names, words, phrases, logos or symbols that a company uses to identify its products and/or services. 

- Approval/disapproval of application one year does not guarantee approval/disapproval every year. Applicants are encouraged to apply even if they are not accepted every year. It is important to keep MakeShift Events fresh and evolving from year to year. 


1. Be sure to review the breakdown page to familiarize yourself with details specific to each event.

2. Fill out the application to vendApplications will not be received by the hosts until checkout is complete. 

3. Check your email for acceptance/denial of application and if accepted, follow the provided link to pay vendor fees.

4. Your spot is not confirmed until all vendor fees have been paid in full.  

Guidelines for pop up vendors

The MAKEshift Pop Up Shop at The Makers Festival is an open air market consisting of a variety of selected handmade vendors selling their goods under one roof! Look for the Manahawkin Lake Gazebo and surrounding MakeShift Tents.

The requirements for vendors applying for the Pop Up Shop: 

  • All prospective pop up vendors must fill out a vendor application. Please indicate "pop up shop vendor" under "vendor type."

  • There is a $100 vendor fee and there is a 10% consignment fee on all sales. All items are considered on consignment day of. Vendors will receive 90% of the sale of their items.

  • The Pop Up Shop will be located on festival grounds in the 20x20 Manahawkin Lake Gazebo and two 10x10 MakeShift tents at the entrance.

  • Pop Up Shop vendors will need to provide their inventory to the hosts no later than September 10th.

  • The Makers Fest will provide the MAKEshift Pop Up Shop with staff who will handle setting up, displaying, and sales for the day, therefore vendors are not required to be on the premises during the festival.

  • Any unsold items will be given back to the vendor (unless prior arrangements have been made).

  • Pop Up Shop vendors are open to handmade goods and packaged food only.

  • Once accepted, vendors will receive a consignment agreement and an inventory template that must be returned to the hosts when dropping off prior to the event.

  • Drop off time and locations will be announced.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in MakeShift Events!


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