The hosts and creative team are pleased to announce

Breaker Magazine as this year's Biergarten sponsor.  The naturally beautiful landscape of Manahawkin Lake Park will act as a launching pad from which the folks behind the uber-creative publication are excited to bring their fresh approach to the 2017 Biergarten canvas. If the magazine is any indication, Breaker promises to grace us with their pop-art aesthetic and flair for retro-inspired visuals.  It aims to be a colorful feast for the eyes (and possibly a few interactive surprises too.)  Not only will this year's Biergarten appeal to the visual sense, likewise to the taste as the Makers Fest welcomes back a handful of local craft breweries such as Pinelands Brewing Company, Jetty, and Ship Bottom Brewery


A little more about breaker Magazine

Breaker is a grassroots arts and culture zine for Ocean and Monmouth County.  We aim to highlight and celebrate all of the wonderful things that are going on in our local community.  It is a quarterly magazine that debuted it’s first issue in June 2017.

One more thing...

The Fall Issue of Breaker will be debuting at the 2017 Makers Fest, be sure to keep your eye out and grab your complimentary copy!

2017 Breweries


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